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The Eagle and The Mermaid


In dedication to:
The Dream, the Journey and the Awakening.

Once, there was an eagle and a mermaid. They lived in different worlds and knew not of the other.
The eagle lived in a great city of lights. He had a beautiful voice and sang to the people in the city. The people loved the eagle for they knew that he was special. But the eagle was sad and so his song was sad.

One night the eagle had a dream. In his dream, a mermaid showed him a golden light that shone upon the ocean floor. She said to him, “Remember this place, it is where the river meets the sea. I will find you here again one day.”
When the eagle woke from the dream, he began to search for that place. He looked far and wide for the mermaid but he could not find her. He searched the faces of all the people he met, but she was not there.

The eagle grew weary and sometimes he even worried that the mermaid was not real. But still, he searched for her.
There was a little chickadee named Lindy Bird who loved the eagle dearly. They lived together near a circle of roses and they shared everything. Lindy Bird knew that the eagle would leave the city of lights when he found the mermaid, yet she stayed with him and helped him on his way.

Far to the west, the mermaid lived in a dolphin castle. It was a magical place and the mermaid was happy there. But she was waiting for something, something that she couldn’t quite remember. It was something long ago and half forgotten.

And then one day the mermaid had a dream. In her dream, the mermaid saw an eagle from far across a canyon. Her love for him was so great that her heart reached out across the canyon and she flew to him. And he flew to her. They met, flying up into the deep, deep sky, as one. Again and again they came together. Each time, the whole world disappeared… And there was only love.

When the mermaid woke from the dream, nothing looked the same to her. All she wanted was to go back to that place, back to the eagle. The mermaid sat on a cliff where the river meets the sea. There, the thundering waves crashed upon the rocks and there she prayed that the eagle would find her again one day.

And one day he did.

When the eagle found the dolphin castle, he heard a voice say to him, “You are home now.” The mermaid was there, and this time it was not a dream. The eagle was real and so was the mermaid. When their eyes met, they saw all the faces from 1000 times before and when they touched, wing and hand disappeared… And there was only one.

But there was a witch who lived in the city of lights and she wanted to keep the eagle’s song for herself. So, she cast a spell upon the eagle and made him forget who he was and made him forget the mermaid.
But the mermaid never forgot the eagle and she waited for him to find his way back to her.

Twenty long years passed… And still, he did not come.

Lindy Bird had seen all of this. She knew about the spell. She knew the eagle was lost and sleeping. She knew the mermaid was waiting and she wanted to help them. So when the mermaid came to the little bird and asked her how the eagle might be found. Lindy Bird pointed the way and gave to the mermaid, a gift. It was a golden pen. “Use this pen to tell the story of your love. When the eagle sees it, he will remember. But you must write only truth or the eagle will be forever lost to you. Only the truth can break this spell.”

The mermaid thanked the little bird and set out on her journey. She traveled far and the way was hard but she knew that she must make the journey. She knew that she must see the eagle once more. She must try.

When the mermaid found the place where the eagle lay sleeping; she took the golden pen and began to write. On and on she wrote, until she had told the story, until she had emptied the golden pen. Then, the mermaid could only wait and trust that the eagle would remember.

When the eagle awoke, he saw the story written upon the clouds… And he did remember.
The spell was broken.
Lindy Bird watched as the eagle and the mermaid found their way back to each other. She knew that all was right and true. With a full heart, the little bird sang a sweet song of blessing.

The eagle and the mermaid began again as if they had never been apart.
They loved each other as the earth loves the sun, as the stars love the sky and as the moon loves the sea. They lived happily ever after and were never parted again.

And if we could travel to that place, we would find them there to this very day, where a golden light shines upon the ocean floor.

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