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About Us

About Us

Steve Frost was born in Virginia to a dashing young Army man working in the Pentagon, and a beautiful young 'stewardess' with Capital Airlines, based out of D.C. Quickly whisked away to the marvels of Portland, Oregon, he spent the next 56 years based there. His passions became art; guitar, songwriting, life on the road as a full time musician; producing and audio engineering; over 100,000 miles on motorcycles; the study of healing, sound healing, spirituality and spiritual growth; fostering a 25 year career in high-tech and raising a family, with the classic challenges/blessings of blended families. Steve has produced and co-produced recording projects for Teasing Zen, One Moment, Taking Care Sound Tribe and solo projects.


Steve was nineteen when he had his life-changing dream of The Mermaid, who would haunt him until he finally met her "... where the river meets the sea," nine years later. It would be yet another 28 years before they would marry, in the same location.


Now recently retired in Seaview, Washington, Steve is dedicated to his beautiful wife, Christine, both practicing a sacred and loving marriage, co-creating a wildlife sanctuary in the Long Beach area, writing and sharing music, painting illustrations for The Eagle and The Mermaid: A True Faerie Tale (to publish in 2017, with a joint autobiography also in the works), playing shakuhachi and sharing the real-time magic of the story, gifts and blessings that have brought him here.

Christine Waters grew up as the 4th child in a family of six. Her early childhood was spent climbing trees and playing in the cornfields of Illinois with her three brothers, where she would learn first lessons in balance by trading games of army with house. Aside from teaching the finer aspects of how to catch a mouse or build a proper fort, her brothers were true models in fairness, loyalty and partnership.

Christine dropped out of high school to become a teenage mother to a beautiful daughter named Destiny. The responsibility of caring for another while making ends meet as a single mom in deep poverty gave Christine a profound sense of gratitude and abiding trust in something higher. Two more babies would follow with the births of Michaela and Mark Allen, 16 and 19 years later. In an effort to provide her children with quality schooling, Christine was led to Waldorf education and, ultimately, to become a Waldorf teacher herself. ‘Miss Christine’ is currently on sabbatical after ten wonderful years in the preschool, surrounded by the shining faces of children, their families and their angels. For her, it has been, "an honor beyond measure, to be both Mother and Teacher."

At the age of 25, Christine dreamed of the Eagle. She did not yet know that  her own Hero’s Journey had begun - and that she would be greatly tested. There were many helpers along the way but, in the end, Trust was the key. Trust, even when the world reflected otherwise. Trust, even as the Eagle lay sleeping.


Christine had to Trust her heart to know the way.

She now lives happily-ever-after with her love, the Eagle, and continues to Trust what brought them here.

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