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The Witch

In every human story we will each encounter our own antagonist, a great teacher, to be honored for the tremendous burden they carry. We offer gratitude to the witch archetype in our story as she brings an opportunity to strive toward our highest selves and heal through forgiveness and Love.


Bless our hearts.

We are all at risk of being the witch

By possessing love and withholding freedom

She builds a cage and calls it home

But there are no doors, only mirrors


She would have your greatest treasure

Buried in the dark

And ask her devoted roses

To prick your lover’s heart


But don’t hate the witch or say she’s evil

Beneath the mask

Is a broken jewel

A forsaken child, in need of healing


May we have the courage to see our fallen selves

Humility to seek redemption

May we embody grace

And make the unholy whole again

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